It's hard to say if Sidney Gantt was born to be a comedian, but he was a middle child to a single mother and by the time he was in the 6th grade had already lived in 11 different homes... in the same town. Sidney's chaotic upbringing resulted in an unusual confidence that comes from never knowing what normal looked like. Onstage, Sidney delivers sharply insightful observational humor and revealing stories of his own social irreverence. And he’s nonstop silly. He's not the bad guy, but he's not exactly the good guy. He is a philosopher that lives and breathes his philosophies into the world no matter how ridiculous they may be. Sidney can be heard as co-host for Comedy for a Cause on ESPN 610, seen as the character Darby on Comcast’s Summer Joke School, and as a panelist on Raw Reality with Gail Kasper.